Angela has been a tremendous help!

Angela has been a tremendous help to my wife and I as we purchased our home in Myrtle. She was able to help us transition from what we believed we wanted to a home that would better meet our needs. She was extremely helpful after we returned to West Virginia to share the timeline and the action plan needed to complete the purchase. During the wait-time (loan prep and legal items) Angela continued to communicate, sharing utility information and contacts for an out-of-town buyer to have for painting, etc. I would highly recommend Angela for anyone wishing to purchase property in Myrtle Beach area. This is especially true for those who are out of state.

Ken P, WV

It is always a pleasure to work with Angela

It is always a pleasure to work with Angela and her clients. One of Angela's biggest strengths is her ability to remain positive and upbeat during the entire contract to close process. During any challenging periods where difficult decisions are required, her professionalism and experience provides customers with options and information the ensures a high level of comfort and assurance.I recommend Angela to anyone considering buying or selling a home in the Myrtle Beach market.

-JD Redmon, McLean Mortgage